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March 9, 2022
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You Need These AI Tools To Boost Your Conversion Rates

A look at the best AI tools and apps to boost your Shopify store's conversion rates and sales.

You Need These AI Tools To Boost Your Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are crucial for generating more sales. Generally, two things can make your Shopify store stand out: intelligent design choices, SEO, and AI-powered tools.

According to Harvard Business Review, companies using AI tools enjoyed a 50% increase in leads, 60 - 70% reduced call time, and 40 - 60% realized cost reductions. AI tools keep visitors on your page longer, convert your products better, and edge out an advantage over the competition.

Compelling Headlines And Copy
Headlines and sales copy are vital to converting visitors into paying customers. Unfortunately, many store owners ignore the importance of having attention-grabbing headlines and well-written promo copy. Fortunately for you, we know the best copywriting AI tools and SEO tricks.

Like Dianthus, new tech companies are developing cutting-edge AI-powered software for the public. With these tools, writing compelling headlines and promo copy for your Shopify store, social media accounts, etc... has never been easier.

One of the most popular copywriting,, uses AI software to generate paragraphs of copy and research in seconds. With some simple inputs, you can generate captions, hashtags, or entire blog sections in no time. Using this machine allows you to be an editor rather than a writer, allowing you to focus more resources and time on other parts of your e-commerce store.

Best-in-class tool, SEMrush, gives you the power to research, optimize and collect keywords using their keyword magic tool and other SEO features. Using their innovative tools you can create extensive lists of keywords for your stores and optimize your copy to rank higher on the search engines.

SEO helps drive traffic to your store and increases brand recognition by making your store more visible on the search engines. However, optimized writing and traffic alone will not increase your conversion rate without a landing page designed to turn visitors into customers.

An Optimized And High-Quality User Experience
The big three: page speed, mobile-optimization, and an engaging user experience (UX) are the drivers behind one of Shopify's most important metrics: conversion rate optimization.

Creating an immersive and optimized UX requires a big scope. You need to create high-quality graphics and images with SEO-optimized descriptions, meta-descriptions, and alt text for all of your products and collections. We’ll get into how we can create those high-quality graphics on a later post, but for now, let's get into some helpful tools to make your store pop.

For more design tips and tricks, check out our previous Vector Blog issue on the best Shopify design practices here.

Shopify carries a library of innovative apps for creating engaging user experiences, such as pop-up banners and automated customer services. Pop-up banners like Wiser set up personalized product recommendations that will boost sales and engagement. Exit pop-ups, like Privy, will also increase your conversion rate by showing banners when a visitor leaves your site, followed up with an automated email reminder.

Similar to these tools, there are a handful of AI-powered tools that automate and carry out customer service functions, like Robotic Process Automation (RPA). is one of the leading virtual chatbots and assistants tools available to e-commerce business owners. This tool builds pipelines of qualified leads and automates your customer service needs with AI chatbots. This tool allows you to scale faster than ever before and satisfy customers, increasing your conversion rates.

How To Create Quality Images And Graphics
Hero images, Gifs, infographics, case studies, and videos. These media tools and design elements are everything you need to create a successful and engaging Shopify store.

In today's age, you don't need a full-blown design team to create high-quality media. Canva and Figma are an absolute must for your business. Canva is like a small design team on a browser. It allows you to create clean and vibrant media, with a wide range of customization using simple design tools.

Figma can also help you create content, but more importantly, it allows your workers to share a design workspace. This is perfect for collaborative content creation or media created across multiple platforms. These tools will help you attract and convert visitors like never before.

Stay Consistent
Business owners tend to forget that success comes with consistency and discipline. Content, products, and services need to be updated regularly and planned out in advance.

Fortunately, there are tools like Hyperfury and Contently that specialize in planning out and creating content for you with their expert teams and software. With their help, you can essentially schedule and automate content production for your online store.

Find this blog helpful? Explore our library of resources on The Vector Blog to get ahead of the curve, far beyond the competition.

You Need These AI Tools To Boost Your Conversion Rates

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