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March 9, 2022
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Three AI Tools To Empower Your Workers

AI has made its way into the workplace and brought new ways to streamline work. Read on to learn how AI can empower your workers.

Three AI Tools To Empower Your Workers

AI has made its way into the workplace and brought new ways to streamline work. AI tools reduce the quantity of work and improve the quality of work by automating away tedious and clerical tasks. However, the most effective AI works with humans to improve both of their performances.

By synergizing human insight with the power of artificial intelligence, you can empower your workers and make your business faster and more efficient. One remarkable example of AI improving worker performance is improved medical diagnoses using AI technology with doctors at MIT and Harvard Medical School.

They found that their best doctors have diagnosed diseases accurately 92% of the time, while an AI diagnostic software could diagnose accurately 96% of the time. These numbers are impressive, but the 99.4% accuracy of diagnoses made by human doctors and AI together is more impressive. 

Instead of replacing work, AI works best when you empower your workers with sophisticated tools. Aside from this niche application, here are three AI-powered tools your workers can start using today:

For The Copywriters:
AI-powered copywriters like can research and produce various amounts of copywriting, allowing you to create volumes of content in record time while maintaining your brand-specific content and voice.

While this technology is impressive and can produce copious amounts of copy, it is still up to humans to assemble and edit the copywriting into a logical flowing piece. Keep an eye out for wonky grammar, commas, and writing in the passive voice, and be sure to fact-check any claims generated. Overall, this AI technology can significantly improve the quality and speed of your copywriting needs.

For The Graphic Designers:
Text-to-image generators like Dalle-2 let designers and marketers quickly create custom images and assets with ease. Image generators use AI-powered neural networks and deep learning algorithms to create whatever you can describe via text. It’s a versatile tool that can generate quality images for advertising or valuable organic visual content.

Using Dalle-2, you can select from multiple environmental backgrounds, with objects and props in each image. You can then manipulate those images to produce the exact style, mood, and scene you want. You can play with lighting, textures, and other elements to fit your vision and suit them to your brand guidelines in a relatively easy and timely manner.

For The Marketers:
SEO is a staple marketing strategy in most businesses today, so it's no surprise developers are looking for ways to streamline the process with AI. However, SEO is a timely affair.

The process requires dedicated workers to research keywords, write copy, optimize content and maintain quality control. Fortunately, software like SEO King can streamline this process using AI and automation. This technology will search and add the best keywords to any media and alt text on your store page and compress your images to optimize load times on your site. With this app, your SEO specialists will perform better at scale.

Are you ready to start equipping your workers with AI tools? Read our guide on the requirements for AI implementation, or click this link to access our library of resources on the Vector Blog.

Three AI Tools To Empower Your Workers

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