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March 9, 2022
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Are You Ready For Shopify Plus?

Is your business growing fast? It may be time to scale up with Shopify Plus.

Are You Ready For Shopify Plus?

Most new business owners are content using Shopify's standard editions; it’s cost-effective and works like a charm. However, as your business grows, you'll need a scalable solution.

Luckily, Shopify offers a reliable and scalable platform compatible with your business objectives, called Shopify Plus, now boasting hundreds of new features this summer

What Is Shopify Plus?

Business owners have a variety of Shopify versions available to choose from, but only Shopify Plus offers a scalable and flexible solution for fast-growing businesses at the enterprise level.

Shopify Plus offers a launch engineer to help store owners personally set up their stores for the launch phase. It provides merchants customization options over the checkout process and themes, unlimited staff accounts, and access to a liquid theme to better personalize your store page through custom code.

Shopify Plus better integrates with other platforms and has access to exclusive apps and more in-depth analytics. These advanced features and utilities are perfect for large enterprises and rapidly-growing businesses.

What’s New?

As of June, Shopify released its Summer ‘22 Edition of Shopify Plus, introducing over a hundred new features and changes to the platform. Here are 3 of our favorites:

  • This update is debuting new technological applications like token-based commerce. This feature will allow users to set up wallets linked to Shopify accounts and let merchants create shopping experiences centered around tokens.

  • The Summer’ 22 Edition also introduces the Twitter Sales channel, allowing sellers to showcase their products on their Twitter feeds.

  • Merchants will have access to localized inventory synchronization, which helps merchants signal to customers when a product is available in their stores.

Using these features, you can grow your business and sell more products than you have on previous e-commerce platforms. Features like abandoned cart recovery and multi-currency transactions help increase sales by offering your customers more ways to shop. Meanwhile, apps like Shopify Flow, a Shopify Plus exclusive, can automate your workflows for a more efficient work day.

Shopify Plus offers users better and more in-depth analytics. These are instrumental for establishing metrics and tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns. While standard Shopify also houses advanced analytics, Shopify Plus's analytics are perfect for making informed decisions about customer behavior.

Lastly, Shopify Plus offers increased help and support, for instance, phone and chatbot services are available 24 hours daily or their library of FAQs and help guides. 

Should You Sign Up For Shopify Plus?
Signing up for Shopify Plus is a business milestone. We don't recommend using Shopify Plus unless you hit a certain level of growth or reach a large size. Shopify Plus is optimized for large businesses looking to scale up from standard Shopify services.

So, if you feel your business reaches these criteria, you may consider signing up for Shopify Plus. Most Shopify plans have a set price, but Shopify Plus differs; they offer your business a custom quote. They do this by factoring in your business model, expenses, revenues, and marketing strategy. After you get your quote, signing up is relatively easy, and a Shopify engineer will be assigned to get you started.

Curious about how you can increase traffic and promote growth for your business? Hit the link here to read from our library on the Vector Blog.

Are You Ready For Shopify Plus?

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