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July 18, 2022
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Key Marketing Channels To Grow Your E-Commerce Business

In the rise of the e-commerce industry, marketers have an unprecedented amount of ways to promote their services through a variety of digital channels.

Key Marketing Channels To Grow Your E-Commerce Business

In the rise of the e-commerce industry, marketers have an unprecedented amount of ways to promote and sell their services through a variety of digital channels and platforms. 

Businesses can use a multitude of different outlets to achieve specific goals. Generally, there are two types of marketing channels: paid channels and unpaid channels. Paid channels include advertising, email marketing platforms, SMS marketing platforms, etc. Non-paid channels include organic search, direct traffic, owned social media content, unpaid influencer marketing, etc. 

Deciding what channels to use can be difficult, but finding the right marketing mix that fits your business is crucial to reaching the most potential customers. 

Leveraging SMS and Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to keep in contact with customers by providing them with promotions, new products, and any other information that the business would like to share directly. Email marketing is efficient because it sends out the same message to numerous customers all at once. Email pricing is dependent on list size. Cost grows as you grow.

Similar to email marketing, SMS marketing is a direct channel for businesses to reach their customers with new promotions, products, and important information. SMS marketing is more direct and personal where it sends SMS messages directly to customers' phones and businesses will usually provide better deals and promotions to customers who sign up for this channel.

Utilizing Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an owned channel to be used by businesses. The world of social media exploded over the past decade and provides a perfect platform for businesses to connect with customers in an environment that they already use.

By creating business accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter or TikTok,  businesses are able to engage with their followers through original content. 

Social media platforms are free to use, but businesses are also able to create and post paid ads that will reach a wider and more targeted audience than their current followers — hopefully attracting more engagement.

With the popularity of social media continuing to grow the price of paid ads have increased drastically, however, the numerous people the ads are able to reach can outweigh the increasing price. These ads can directly link customers to a business’s website and take  the customer to the products they  were viewing on  social media.

Employing Paid Ads And Influencer Marketing

Businesses can also pay individuals who have built a following to promote their services or products through influencer marketing. The business provides the individual with the service or product and/ or compensation to promote it on their social platforms to an audience that already trusts them. Influencer marketing allows businesses to branch out to a wider audience that are likely unaware of their existence.  Leveraging influencers who have large followings can be an effective brand awareness strategy.

Finding your Channel 

No matter what marketing channel a business chooses to use, if it is used correctly and effectively there are numerous ways each channel can be beneficial. Choosing the correct marketing mix will allow businesses to communicate with their target audience by utilizing online channels to expand their business.
Read our guide on the best social media marketing strategies, or click this link to access our library of resources on the Vector Blog.

Key Marketing Channels To Grow Your E-Commerce Business

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