Why Dianth(us)?

Welcome to the Noggin blog

At Dianthus, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team until the handoff is complete. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition. You will be ready for your next adventure in hop, skip and a jump!

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The Dianthus promise
We will always put your customers first and provide them with a first-rate brand experience.
We will scale your business faster than anyone else.
We will preserve your brand integrity and continue its legacy.

The story behind us

Dianthus lives at the intersection of two beliefs. First, that small-to-mid-sized businesses are still the lifeblood of the economy, and second, that AI is the most impactful and transformative technology in the history of the modern world. Some people compare Dianthus to an e-commerce aggregator. Some compare us to a conglomerate. But we believe we are the world’s only AI-first ecommerce company.

Our mission

We will shape the future of e-commerce by intelligently growing our brands through our proprietary AI technology and continue to strengthen relationships between our brands and their customers.

Uniquely Dianth(us)

AI First

We shape the future of e-commerce by intelligently growing brands through our proprietary AI technology.

Vertically Integrated

Take advantage of an all-inclusive e-commerce experience. Brands have access to our fleet of manufacture partners, fulfillment centers and product development teams to create and expand product lines.


Dianthus has the ability to provide a fully optimized purchase journey. Expand your brand to retail, wholesale, and brick and mortar through our network of multichannel partners.

Center of Excellence

Brands will benefit from a suite of shared services from best in class marketing, design, analytics and PR.

Lead by example

Our expert leadership team includes SMB veterans, e-commerce mavens, AI geniuses and successful entrepreneurs at the forefront of blazing the trails for a new e-commerce.

Chris Litster


Rob May

CTO & Founder

Michael Salmon

General Counsel

Erich Squire

SVP of Finance

David Block

SVP of Engineering

Jennifer McLaughlin

SVP of Merchandising

Caitlin Goos

VP of HR

Ashok Pitchamani

VP of Technology

Kaitlin Murray

VP of Design

Jennifer Williams

VP Financial Planning & Analysis

Our partners

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